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Benbros Zebra Toys

101 (36) Railway Articulated Van

The Zebra Toys Railway Van was based on the Scammell Scarab delivery van used by British Railways from the late 1940's to the early 1960's. This version was smaller than most other toymaker's models and was close to OO/HO scale.


As with other Zebra Toys models, Benbros included features on the Railway Van to improve the play value. Among these were front wheel steering on the three-wheeled cab, a jewelled headlight, and brass-coated wheels with rubber tyres. However there were no windows, which Budgie, Dinky and Corgi were all incorporating at this time, and the model had a somewhat unfinished look. 


The cab and chassis was a one-piece casting with the coupling hole in the centre at the rear. 'Made in England' was cast underneath with the number '101'. A separate base held the front wheel which was mounted on a turning unit controlled by a little tab extending forward beneath the front bumper. 


The Trailer was a three part casting with the lower section designed to represent a wooden sided wagon with, at the back, a seperately cast opening tailgate. The upper section or tilt, which was open at the rear, had a smooth surface. There was no id.on the trailer.


The real British Railways Scammell Vans were painted maroon and cream but Benbros seems to have only followed these approximately. The cab, chassis and lower section of the trailer were dark-red with silver trim on the front bumper and the fuel tank. Under the cab the base was gloss black. The tilt varied in colour from pale-orange to mustard-yellow but always had a decal with the British Railways logo on each side.


The black & white Zebra Toys box included a picture of the Railway Van on each face. On the end-flaps the number '36' was printed but it is not known what it represented. 


Of the Zebra Toys range, the Railway Van is one of the easier models to collect.

Benbros Zebra Toys British Railways Articulated Van
Benbros Zebra Toys British Railways Articulated Van

Variation 1: Pale-orange tilt and opening rear tailgate (half lowered)

Benbros Zebra Toys Railway Articulated Van


All models had

DARK-RED cab, chassis & lower part of trailer

Jewel headlight

'British Railways' decals

Metal wheels with black treaded tyres





Benbros Zebra Toys British Railways Articulated Van
Benbros Zebra Toys British Railways Articulated Van

Variation 2: Mustard-yellow tilt

Benbros Zebra Toys Railway Articulated Vans

Tilt colours: Pale-orange (variation 1); Mustard-yellow (variation 2)

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