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Benbros TV Series & Mighty Midgets

No.7 Electric Milk Trolley

Benbros Mighty Midget No.7 Electric Milk Trolley

No.7 Electric Milk Trolley in the Benbros TV Series recalls a time when they were a common sight in Britain during the 1950's when milk was delivered fresh each morning in pint-sized glass bottles. One of the largest milk companies in the country at that time was Express Dairies so it was not surprising that Benbros was able to cast their name on the model.


The main part of the trolley was made up of two separate castings, the outer section which included the battery-box underneath, and the milk crates which were slotted in tightly after the outer section had been painted. These were white to represent milk bottles with the outer lines wiped free of paint to show the metal frames of the crates.


On the front was a long handle and underneath three unpainted metal wheels on round-head and crimped axles. The handle, to which the front wheel was attached, was fixed by a central pin so that it could be turned from side to side. A separate milkman was included and he had a small gap or hole near his right hand into which the end of the handle could be slotted. Underneath 'Made in England Benbros' was cast above the rear axle, and overall the model measured about 55mm long.


The first issue of the Milk Trolley was painted orange with white crates. The 'Express Dairy' castings at the front and back of the trolley were picked out in silver trim.  The milkman was painted white with a dark-brown satchel, dark-brown top pocket, and light-brown trim to face and hands.


The model did not undergo much change during its life but when the Mighty Midget range started in 1956 it received a makeover with dark-blue or metallic light-blue paint and white crates. On either versions the round-head axles could be replaced by nail-head & crimped ones which Benbros came to prefer on later models. The milkman remained the same.


Benbros decided when the Milk Trolley was first issued to include a large number on the picture face of all the TV boxes (TV3) so unlike the previous models, this one had only a single type of TV box.


The Milk Trolley was probably not a very popular toy as it is quite hard to find. The early orange version in a TV box is scarce.

Benbros TV Series No.7 Electric Milk Trolley
Benbros TV Series No.7 Electric Milk Trolley
Benbros TV Series No.7 Electric Milk Trolley

Variation 1 : Orange Trolley, TV3 box

Benbros No.7 Electric Milk Trolley



(1) ORANGE trolley, umw, white milkman with trim, TV3 box


(2) METALLIC LIGHT-BLUE trolley, umw, white milkman with trim, MM box


(3) DARK-BLUE trolley, umw, white milkman with trim, MM box

Benbros Mighty Midget No.7 Milk Trolley metallic blue

Variation 2 : Metallic light-blue

Benbros Mighty Midget No.7 Milk Trolley

Variation 3 : Dark-blue

Benbros Mighty Midget No.7 Electric Milk Trolley box

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