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TV Series & Mighty Midgets
No.15 Vespa Scooter   metallic green with blue plastic wheels

No.16b Station Wagon  new variation 18, Chrome, red roof, unpainted base, umw

No.16b Station Wagon   new Variation 11 with grey plastic wheels & push-fit axles

No.33 Breakdown Lorry   new images of AEC variation 2 (
No.33 Breakdown Lorry  image added of BEDFORD variation 4 (bright red, umw)

No.49 Coca-Cola Truck    grey plastic wheels confirmed


Benbros Qualitoys Horse-Drawn Log Carrier    new images and classification

Benbros Qualitoys Tractor & Roller   updated list of variations

Benbros Qualitoys Euclid Rear Dump Truck    new orange variation added
Zebra Toys 
Zebra Toys Jaguar E-Type   new images and classification

Zebra Toys Solo Motorcycles    images now include Despatch Rider


Budgie No.220 Leyland Hippo Cattle Truck   updated with additional images
Budgie No.228 Coca-Cola Van   new images of orange variation with A2 box
Budgie No.288 Bulk Flour Tanker  new images of variation 3 with suspension
Budgie No.242 Euclid Tipper Truck    updated with additional images

Nicholas Martin Diecast

Morestone, Budgie, Benbros Vintage Toys

Britains Lilliput Vehicles     Kemlows Sentry Box

Abbreviations used on Nicholas Martin Diecast


  • umw - unpainted metal wheels

  • pmw - painted metal wheels

  • pw    - plastic wheels

  • gpw  - grey plastic wheels

  • spw  - silver plastic wheels

  • bpw  - black plastic wheels

  • um    - unpainted metal

  • id.     - maker's identification


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