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Budgie Toys No.456/G.P.O.

Telegraph Boy

Around 1958, Morris & Stone replaced the Morestone Motorcycles with a new casting ready for the launch of the Budgie Toys range. These were used for the AA and RAC Motorcycle Patrols and the four Solo Motorcycles. Unlike their coloured predecessors, the Solo models were issued in a bright chrome finish with plastic riders. The third of these was the GPO Telegraph Boy.

The new Budgie model was chrome-plated all over with unpainted metal wheels and black tyres. 'Made in England' was cast on the left side below the seat. The plastic rider was blue with a red helmet, black gloves and boots. The face and head were painted pink.

In 1964 the model was upgraded to a new casting of a Triumph motorcycle. This continued to be chrome plated with unpainted wheels and black tyres, but had no id. The blue plastic rider was also the same, trimmed with a red helmet, black gloves and boots, and a pink head.

Boxes for the Telegraph Boy utilised the old Morestone Series (Morris & Stone) design at first but with the number '456/G.P.O' added to the end-flap details. Later, when Guiterman took over ownership, the end-flaps were changed to read 'Made in England by a member of the Guiterman Group of Companies No.456/GPO'.
Eventually the Morestone boxes were replaced by yellow 'Budgie Models' ones which carried a picture of the Budgie model with the number and name on the end-flaps (B1). There was no upgrade when the Triumph model was issued.

Along with all the Solo Motorcycles, production of the Telegraph Boy ended in 1966.

Budgie No.456/GPO Telegraph Boy
Budgie No.456/GPO Telegraph Boy
Budgie No.456/GPO Telegraph Boy

Variation 1: Budgie m'cycle, Morris & Stone numbered box

Budgie No.456/GPO Telegraph Boy


All motorcycle were chrome plated with umw & black tyres

All riders were blue plastic with red helmets, black gloves and boots, and pink heads

1) BUDGIE m'cycle, 'Made in England' on left side, Morris & Stone, Guiterman or Budgie box

2) TRIUMPH m'cycle, NO id., Budgie box

Budgie No.456/GPO Telegraph Boy
Budgie No.456/GPO Telegraph Boy

Variation 2: Triumph m/cycle, Budgie B1 box

Budgie No.456/GPO Telegraph Boy box variations

Budgie No.456/GPO box variations

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