Budgie Miniatures

No.18 Foden Dumper Lorry

Budgie Miniatures No.18 Foden Dumper Lorry

The Budgie No.18 Foden Dumper Lorry was originally part of the Morris & Stone (Morestone) Esso Petrol Pump Series where it was added to the range in 1957 as Esso Series No.18 Foden Dumper Lorry. It was bright red with a yellow dumper and had two sizes of metal wheels.


Modelling from a hefty vehicle like the real Foden Dump Truck was difficult but the result was a neat model with good detail, especially on the dumper.


When Budgie re-issued No.18 in 1961 in the 'Mobile' Vehicle Series, the dumper colour was changed to grey but otherwise it remained the same, including the generous silver trim on the front, and the metal wheels.


The half-cab and open chassis of No.18 were one casting without a base. This may have been authentic but on a small model was prone to weakness so later the chassis was re-cast with a substantial strengthener above the middle axle. Unfortunately, this prevented the dumper from sitting flat so late models are easily recogniseable.


The dumper was a detailed piece of casting with outer ribs, a noduled floor, and a large overhang above the cab under which was cast the only identification on the model which just said 'Made in England' and 'No.18'.


With the type 2 chassis, No.18 had other changes. The red colour was now darker, the silver trim at the front was dropped and the metal wheels were replaced by two sizes of black plastic.


Apart from the Esso Petrol Pump boxes, the Foden Dumper Lorry appeared in Budgie Gift Sets Nos.8 and 12, and was later issued in 'Mobile' Vehicle Series boxes and both types of 'Modern' box.


Only the blue blister-pack was used for No.18 although it was included in the first triple blister-pack, No.96b Road Construction Set, not long before it was withdrawn in 1966 when Guiterman (Budgie's owners) ceased trading.


In the United States it was included in a boxed collection of six models in blue blister-packs under the title 'Budgie Collectors Models' which was distributed by Flare Industries Inc. of New York.

Morestone Esso Petrol Pump Series No.18 Foden Dumper

Variation 1 : first issue in Esso Petrol Pump box with Tanker Coupon

Budgie Miniatures No.18 Foden Dumper Lorry
Budgie Miniatures No.18 Foden Dumper
Budgie Miniatures No.18 Foden Dumper

Variation 2 showing dumper floor and type 1 chassis without strengthener

MOBILE Vehicle Series box

No.18 Foden Dumper Lorry

Model Variations


  • (1)  RED cab/chassis              type 1 chassis  silver trim  YELLOW dumper  metal wheel


  • (2)  RED cab/chassis              type 1 chassis  silver trim  GREY dumper       metal wheels


  • (3)  DARK-RED cab/chassis  type 2 chassis   no trim      GREY dumper       black plastic wheels

Budgie Miniatures No.18 Foden Dumper

Variation 3 : Dark-red, no trim, bpw, type 2 chassis

MODERN Vehicle Series (type 1) box

No.18 Foden Dumper Lorry

Boxes and Packs


1957-59   Esso Petrol Pump Series boxes


1961-64   Budgie Gift Sets Nos.8 and 12


1961-63   MOBILE Vehicle Series boxes


1963-65   MODERN Vehicle Series (type 1) boxes


1963-66   Blue 'Budgie' blister-packs (Guiterman)


1964-65   Budgie 'Collectors Models' boxed set (US)


1965-66   Budgie No.96a Road Construction Set (triple blister-pack)


1965-66   MODERN Vehicle Series (type 2) boxes  

Budgie Miniatures No.18 Foden Dumper Truck
Budgie Miniatures No.18 Foden Dumper Truck

Chassis strengthener

Variation 3 showing type 2 chassis with strengthener and id. on dumper

MODERN Vehicle Series (type 2) box

Budgie Miniatures No.18 Foden Dumper - blue blister-pack

Blue Budgie blister-pack (Guiterman)

Budgie Miniatures No.96A Road Construction Set (reverse)

Triple blister-pack No.96a Road Construction Set (front & rear views)

Budgie Miniatures 'Collectors Models' Set (US)

Budgie 'Collectors Models' Set

(Distributed in USA by Flare Industries, NY)

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