Budgie Miniatures

No.16 Austin-Healey

Budgie Miniatures No.16 Austin-Healey

No.16 in the Budgie Miniatures collection was a model of a famous 1950's sports car, the Austin-Healey 100. Morris & Stone first issued the Austin-Healey in 1957 as Esso Series No.16 Austin-Healey and it continued in the Budgie range until 1963/4.


The Austin-Healey was a straightforward body & base model held together by a central rivet. The driver was part of the base. The windscreen was represented by two side struts.


The model was always painted red with an off-white or cream base & driver. Silver trim was hand-applied for most of the model's life to the grille, headlights and front & rear bumpers but later when spray trim was used the rear bumper was omitted.


The wheels of No.16 were unpainted metal except for a last run which had black plastic wheels.


No.16 was not a mainstream model in the Budgie Miniatures. After the Esso Series it appeared in both 'Mobile' and 'Modern' (type 1) Vehicle Series boxes but is not thought to have been issued in blister packs. It was also one of the cars in Noddy's Garage Set and was included in Budgie Gift Set No.12.


Late versions of the Austin-Healey show deterioration in the casting and the model is frequently a victim of fatigue. It was withdrawn in 1964.

Morestone Esso Petrol Pump Series No.16 Austin-Healey

Variation 1 with Esso Petrol Pump box and Tanker Coupon

No.16 Austin-Healey

Model Variations


  • (1)  RED  OFF-WHITE base & driver  hand-applied trim  unpainted metal wheels


  • (2)  RED  OFF-WHITE base & driver  spray-applied trim  black plastic wheels

Budgie Miniatures No.16 Austin-Healey - bpw, Modern (type 1) box
Budgie Miniatures No.16 Austin-Healey - bpw, Modern (type 1) box

Variation 2 with 'Modern' type 1 box

No.16 Austin-Healey

Boxes and Packs


1957-59   Esso Petrol Pump Series boxes


1957-58   Noddy's Garage Set


1961-64   Budgie Gift Set No.12


1962-64  MOBILE Vehicle Series boxes


1962-64  MODERN Vehicle Series (type 1) boxes

Budgie Miniatures No.16 Austin-Healey - rear trim variations

Rear trim variants and central rivet posts

Budgie Miniatures No.16 Austin-Healey - base and wheels

Wheel variations : Metal and Black Plastic

The real Austin-Healey 100/4

Nicholas Martin Diecast

Morestone, Budgie, Benbros Vintage Toys

Britains Lilliput Vehicles     Kemlows Sentry Box

Abbreviations used on Nicholas Martin Diecast


  • umw - unpainted metal wheels

  • pmw - painted metal wheels

  • pw    - plastic wheels

  • gpw  - grey plastic wheels

  • spw  - silver plastic wheels

  • bpw  - black plastic wheels

  • um    - unpainted metal

  • id.     - maker's identification


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