Budgie Miniatures

No.58 Modern Removal Truck

Budgie Miniatures No.58 Modern Removal Truck

No.58 Modern Removal Truck first joined the Budgie Miniatures range in 1966. Removal pantechnicon vans in the 1960's often had coachbuilt or conversion bodies so identifying which vehicle No.58 was based on is uncertain. Probably, it was an adaptation of a forward axle Guy Vixen lorry.


The body of the model was a one-piece casting. At the rear a separate ramp was fitted which filled two-thirds of the open access. The base was secured by a clip-fit system at two points on each side of the body.


The first issue was coloured light-brown with a dark-brown rear ramp and a matt black base. Large yellow and red decals were added to each side of the van stating 'Modern Removals Transportation & Storage'. These decals were identical without any variation for left or right aspect so the colour dividing line always ran from lower left to upper right.


The second issue was a metallic green. On these, the rear ramp could be either dark-brown as before or painted a metallic green with the body. The brown ramps varied from dark- to chocolate-brown colours. The bases of all metallic green variations were gloss-black. 


Budgie seems to have been uncertain as to what to call No.58. On the base, apart from 'Budgie Models', 'Made in England', and 'No.58', the model title was given as 'Pantechnicon Removal Van'. This was cast on a raised panel so maybe the original name was different. 


The blue blister-packs had another model title, 'No.58 Modern Removal(s) Truck' which on the original Guiterman packs was a printed paper label. Later Budgie Models printed the name on the cards direct. It was also sold in the US by The Toy House, and both colours appeared as part of the triple blister-pack No.97b Truck Set.


No.58 Modern Removal Truck was well-made by Modern Products and can still be found in excellent condition.

Budgie Miniatures No.58 Modern Removal Truck
Budgie Miniatures No.58 Modern Removal Truck

Variation 1 : light-brown with dark-brown rear ramp

No.58 Modern Removal Truck

Model Variations



  • (1) LIGHT-BROWN,        side decals,  DARK-BROWN ramp,      MATT-BLACK base,      bpw


  • (2) METALLIC GREEN,  side decals,  DARK-BROWN ramp,       GLOSS-BLACK base,   bpw


  • (3) METALLIC GREEN,  side decals,  METALLIC GREEN ramp,  GLOSS-BLACK base,  bpw

Budgie Miniatures No.58 Modern Removal Truck
Budgie Miniatures No.58 Modern Removal Truck

Variation 3 : Metallic green with green rear ramp

Budgie Miniatures No.58 Modern Removal Truck - ramp colours

Rear ramp colour variations

Budgie Miniatures No.58 Modern Removal Truck - bases

Gloss-black & matt-black bases

No.58 Modern Removal Truck




  • 1966         Blue Budgie blister-pack (Guiterman)


  • 1966-70   Blue Budgie blister-pack (Budgie Models)


  • 1967-70   Budgie No.97b Truck Set (triple blister-pack)


  • 1968-70   Toy House blister-packs (US)

Budgie Miniatures No.58 Modern Removals Truck - blue blister-pack
Budgie Miniatures No.58 Modern Removal Truck - Toy House blister-pack

Blister-packs : blue Budgie (Guiterman) and Toy House (US)

Budgie No.97b Truck Set - brown No.58

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  • gpw  - grey plastic wheels

  • spw  - silver plastic wheels

  • bpw  - black plastic wheels

  • um    - unpainted metal

  • id.     - maker's identification


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