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Morestone Foden Heavy Duty Dump Truck

Issued 1958    Length 108mm


The Foden Dump Truck was the last large scale model issued in the Morestone Series and it had a short life although it was re-issued with minor changes in 1959 as a Budgie Toy. It was based on a very tough vehicle but the model itself was not especially robust.


The cab and chassis frame were one casting and included a strengthening piece between the two rear wheels. The cab itself was hollow and there was no base. On the front was the unusual grille of the Foden Dump Truck which was separate from the main cab. There was no identification on the cab or chassis and no number-plate decal.


The metal wheels, which were all the same size, were on axles supported by extensions below the chassis and cab and were assembled prior to painting. There were two sizes of tyre used, treaded ones on the front and larger knobbly tyres at the back giving the impression of large rear wheels.


One feature of the Foden Dump Truck was a lifting handle which was fitted just below the dumper body above the rear wheels. This, along with the cab, grille, chassis, wheels and axles were all painted bright orange with silver trim generously added to the grille.


The grey dumper body fitted onto the chassis at the rear by a clip-fit hinge and could be held up by the lifting handle against ridges beneath the dumper. The inner sides of the dumper were smooth. Under the front overhang above the cab was cast the only id. on the vehicle which was quite descriptive and said 'Morestone Series Foden 9 cu.yd. Dump Truck' and 'Made in England'.


The colourful box had illustrations of the Foden Dump Truck on two faces with written description on the sides. Interestingly, both 'Morestone Series' and 'A Morestone Product' were printed on the box.


The original Morestone Foden Dump Truck is not very common and the box is rare. The re-issued version Budgie Toys No.226 is more easily found.

Morestone Foden Heavy Duty Dump Truck
Morestone Foden Havy Duty Dump Truck

Morestone Foden Dump Truck

ORANGE cab, chassis, painted metal wheels and lifting handle

Treaded tyres (front), knobbly tyres (rear)

GREY dumper with smooth inner sides

'Morestone' id. & model description under dumper

Morestone Series illustrated end-flap box

Morestone Foden Heavy Duty Dump Truck

Nicholas Martin Diecast
Benbros, Morestone & Budgie Vintage Toys
Britains Lilliput Vehicles     Kemlows Sentry Box

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