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Benbros Qualitoys


photo Gary Galvin

Variation 3: Yellow tractor, no silver trim, red blade/rollers/driver, dark-green tracks

Using the Caterpillar Tractor body, Benbros developed a second model in the series by attaching a large dozer-blade to the front via the axles. It made a chunky toy at over 140mm long but had excellent play (or push!) value.


As with the large Tractor, the body was a single hollow casting which included a solid front grille, engine detail, a seat, a rear hook and had 'Benbros Qualitoy' and 'Made in England' cast underneath. The two-part metal rollers were fixed to the body on nail-head & crimped axles with the outer part painted and the inner parts normally unpainted. The rubber tracks could be dark-green, bright green or mid-grey.


There was a separate metal driver of an unusually spindly casting with its arms pointing forward. It was held in place by a peg fitting into a hole in the seat and was painted red or green. Later this figure was dropped in favour of the driver previously used for the Ferguson Tractors.


The Bulldozer attachment had a front blade mounted on two side arms secured to the axles outside the rollers. The rear ones were just a hole through which the axle passed but on the front the arms had slots to enable the blade to be raised and lowered. 


Benbros produced the Bulldozer in a variety of colours. One was red with a black blade and black or yellow rollers and silver trim on engine parts; another was yellow without silver trim with a red blade and red or black rollers. Next there were two variations with metallic paint, a blue one in various shades with a yellow blade and yellow or orange rollers, and a metallic-green model with red blade and yellow rollers, both with silver trim on engine parts & grille.


The Bulldozer had its own brightly illustrated box with 'Bulldozer' in a panel on both picture faces. The end-flaps had the 'Benbros Qualitoys' crest-like logo.


Finding the Caterpillar Bulldozer is quite difficult and the box is rare. Mint examples of such a play-friendly toy are very rare.

photo Gary Galvin

Variation 2: Red tractor, no silver trim, black blade & rollers, red driver (tracks not original)

Benbros Qualitoys Bulldozer




1) RED,                       BLACK blade,    YELLOW rollers,  DARK-GREEN tracks,   RED or GREEN thin driver


2) RED,                       BLACK blade,    BLACK rollers,     DARK-GREEN tracks,   RED thin driver


3) YELLOW,                RED blade,        RED rollers,         DARK-GREEN tracks,    RED or GREEN thin driver

4) YELLOW,                RED blade,        BLACK rollers,     ?DARK-GREEN tracks,  RED or GREEN thin driver

5) METALLIC-BLUE,   RED blade,        YELLOW rollers,  GREEN tracks,               BLUE driver


6) METALLIC-BLUE,  YELLOW blade,  YELLOW rollers,  GREEN tracks,               BLUE driver


7) METALLIC-BLUE,  YELLOW blade,  ORANGE rollers,  GREEN/GREY tracks,   BLUE driver

8) METALLIC-GREEN,  RED blade,      YELLOW rollers,   BLACK tracks,              ?BROWN driver

photo Gary Galvin

Variation 4: Yellow tractor, no trim, red blade, black rollers (missing tracks)

photo Gary Galvin

Variation 5: Metallic-blue tractor, silver trim, red blade, yellow rollers, green tracks

photo Gary Galvin

Variation 6: Metallic-blue tractor, yellow blade & rollers (tracks not original)

Benbros Qualitoys Bulldozer
Benbros Qualitoys Bulldozer

Variation 7: Metallic-blue tractor, yellow blade, orange rollers, grey tracks

Benbros Qualitoys Bulldozer with box

Variation 8: Metallic-green, red blade, yellow rollers, black tracks

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