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Benbros Qualitoys

Horse-drawn Farm Cart

Benbros Qalitoys Farm Cart

photo Gary Galvin

Variation 1: red cart, black wheels, brown horse with black trim

One of the first models which Benbros issued after purchasing the Timpo Toys dies was the Horse-drawn Farm Cart. It was a fairly simple model but is interesting because Benbros created a new diecast horse for it which became the standard casting for other horse-drawn issues.


The Farm Cart was made in two parts. One casting provided the shafts and 'flat-bed' chassis to which the axle was fitted, and the other casting the body of the cart. Both were rivetted together so there was no tipping facility. Underneath, the previous Timpo name was blanked out with a flat panel but 'Made in England' remained at the rear. As with other ex-Timpo toys, there was no Benbros id. added. 


Benbros painted the Cart in single colours of red, orange or yellow with black painted metal wheels.


Quite why Benbros created a new casting for the horse is unclear as Timpo had used a very acceptable one with their cart but maybe the Benenson brothers were unable to purchase the die. Also, Benbros had already used an excellent large-scale horse for their Pure Rubber Products models, a casting which Sam Morris later chose in 1954 for the Morestone Series Gypsy Caravan, but they decided not to utilize it or were unable to do so because of contractual restraints.


Whatever the reason, the new farm horse was a rather chubby model cast in two halves and normally painted brown or dark-brown, but white variations were also produced. Extensive black trim was added to the mane, tail, feet and eyes of the horse and to the harness and tack. On each side there were small holes into which lugs on the shafts slotted to secure it in place.


It is not known if the Farm Cart had its own box. Many toys in the early 1950's were issued to toyshops in plain trade or 'counter' boxes containing several items which were sold unboxed.


Along with other horse-drawn ex-Timpo models, the Benbros Farm Cart is rare.

Variation 2: yellow cart, black wheels, brown horse with black trim

Benbros Qualitoys Horse-drawn Farm Cart




1)  DARK-RED cart     BLACK pmw     BROWN or WHITE horse w.BLACK trim


2)  YELLOW cart         BLACK pmw     BROWN or WHITE horse w. BLACK trim


3)  ORANGE cart       ?BLACK pmw    BROWN or WHITE horse w. BLACK trim

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