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Benbros Qualitoys

Stephenson's Rocket

Benbros Qualitoy Stephenson's Rocket

Variation 1: Bronze Engine with Metallic Green tender and Leaflet

Stephenson's Rocket was one of the most individual models which Benbros included in the Qualitoys range. The engine was a well-made model with working pistons and an impressive funnel. At the rear it towed a coal & water tender. 


The body of the Rocket engine was a single, fairly solid hollow casting. Onto this was fixed at the front the tall funnel held in place by wire stays and on each side the unpainted moving pistons linked to the front wheels. The front wheels had large spokes but the little rear wheels were a much more delicate design.


The tender was an all-in-one casting except for the four unpainted metal wheels which were a different design again from the engine wheels. 


For most of the life of Stephenson's Rocket, the engine was painted metallic bronze including the funnel and wire stays and the tender was either metallic blue or metallic green with the coal picked out in glossy black.


A final run saw the engine painted shiny gold with black painted wheels, unpainted pistons, and a red tender with black coal and unpainted wheels.


Stephenson's Rocket was sold in a distinctive box with blue and orange designs on all sides and line drawings of the model on each face. The end-flaps carried the Benbros name and 'Qualitoy'. Inside a little leaflet was included with the model giving details of the real Rocket engine.


It must have been quite popular as a toy because it is quite easy to find in the bronze versions with boxes but the leaflet is less common, and the gold & red variation is quite rare.

Benbros Stephenson's Rocket
Benbros Stephenson's Rocket

Variation 2: Bronze engine with metallic blue tender

Benbros Qualitoys Stephenson's Rocket



1)  BRONZE engine     UNPAINTED wheels     metallic GREEN tender


2)  BRONZE engine     UNPAINTED wheels     metallic BLUE tender


3)  GOLD engine          BLACK wheels              RED tender 

Benbros Stephenson's Rocket

Variation 3: Gold engine with black wheels, red tender and leaflet

Benbros Stephenson's Rocket
Benbros Stephenson's Rocket leaflet

Top: Underside view of bronze engine with metallic green tender

Bottom: Leaflet

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