Benbros Qualitoys

Horse-drawn Water Cart

Another ex-Timpo horse-drawn model was the Water Cart which used the same shaft, chassis, wheels and horse as the Farm Cart with the new addition of a water tank. 


The casting of the tank was a single one without an opening lid which was riveted to the chassis. Although a pleasing model, the play-value of the Water Cart was not great so to enliven it Benbros chose several single colour combinations including red, green or orange for the cart, chassis and shafts, and black or yellow for the metal wheels.


The horse was normally brown (in various shades) with black trim on the mane, tail, feet,  eyes, harness and tack. Some brown horses are known which had white trim added to the feet and gold to the collar of the harness. There was also a white version of the horse with black trim. There was no farmer figure.


The Water Cart was probably sold unboxed and supplied to toyshops in plain trade or 'counter' boxes.


Being a model without identification (apart from 'Made in England' underneath), the Qualitoys Water Cart is not widely recognised as a Benbros toy and is rare.

Benbros Qualitoys Water Cart




1)  GREEN cart       GREEN shafts      BLACK pmw        BROWN or WHITE horse


2)  RED cart             RED shafts           YELLOW pmw     BROWN or WHITE horse


3)  RED cart             RED shafts           BLACK pmw        BROWN or WHITE horse


4)  ORANGE cart    ORANGE shafts   YELLOW pmw     BROWN or WHITE horse

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