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Farm Hay Cart

One of the more popular ex-Timpo models which Benbros re-issued was the Farm Hay Cart. It shared several parts and a box with the Horse-drawn Log Carrier.


The Farm Hay Cart was a fairly simple model comprising four castings: the main body of the cart; the shafts and chassis section onto which both the body and wheels were fitted; the wheels themselves; and the horse. In addition there was a figure representing the farmer or, as the box describes him, the farm labourer.


In order to enable the cart to tip, the body of the cart was fixed to the shaft/chassis unit by crimped extrusions underneath and at the point where the wheels were positioned. This gave it a full tipping arc and good play value.


Benbros did not use the former Timpo horse and despite having already created another horse (see Benbros Horse-drawn Farm Cart ) for their Pure Rubber Products models, they developed another one for the horse-drawn collection. It was painted brown (in various shades) or white with extensive black trim on parts of the horse including mane, feet, eyes and tail, and on the harness and tack.


The cart was painted in one of three different colours, pale-green, yellow, or orange. For the green variation the shafts were yellow and for the orange one they were orange. The wheels were red.


The figure of the farm labourer was possibly an earlier Benbros casting as it had 'Bensen England' cast underneath the stand. It was always multi-coloured but a little tall for the horse. Robert Newson has suggested that it was originally designed for another Benbros-made horse which in fact they never used.


Like many early models, the Hay Cart had a cream-coloured lidded box which was shared with the Horse-drawn Log Carrier. On the lid were line-drawings of both models with names and 'Benbros Qualitoy'. The colour of the printing varied from dark-blue to nearly turquoise, or various shades of red. There was also a red printed version with a bright yellow label on the lid. 


Later the Farm Hay Cart was included in a multi-model end-flap box marked 'Benbros Farm Equipment' with illustrations of horse-drawn and tractor models on all four sides. 'Benbros Qualitoy' was printed on the end-flaps (see photos on Tractor with Log Trailer page).


The Farm Hay Cart and the Horse-drawn Log Carrier shared the same horse, shaft and wheels. Neither models are common but because there was no id. on either of them, their connection with Benbros is often overlooked. The boxes are hard to find.

Benbros Qualitoys Farm Hay Cart

Variation 1: Green cart, yellow shafts, with brown horse

Benbros Qualitoys Farm Hay Cart




1)  GREEN cart      YELLOW shafts    RED pmw    BROWN or WHITE horse    Farm Labourer 


2)  YELLOW cart    YELLOW shafts    RED pmw    BROWN or WHITE horse    Farm Labourer


3)  ORANGE cart    ORANGE shafts   RED pmw    BROWN or WHITE horse    Farm Labourer

Benbros Qualitoys Farm Hay Cart
Benbros Qualitoys Farm Hay Cart
Benbros Qualitoys Farm Hay Cart

Variation 1: Green cart, yellow shafts, with white horse & lidded box

photo Gary Galvin

Variation 3: Orange cart and shafts with dark-brown horse

Benbros Qualitoys Farm Hay Cart Farm Labourer

The Farm Labourer

Benbros Qualitoys Farm Hay Cart
Benbros Qualitoys Farm Hay Cart
Benbros Qualitoys Farm Hay Cart

Variation 1: Green cart with brown horse

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Abbreviations used on Nicholas Martin Diecast


  • bpw  - black plastic wheels

  • pmw - painted metal wheels

  • pw    - plastic wheels

  • spw  - silver plastic wheels

  • umw - unpainted metal wheels

  • id.     - maker's identification


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