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Benbros Qualitoys

Horse-drawn Roller

photo Gary Galvin

The second model using the ex-Timpo frame & shafts was the Horse-drawn Roller. 


The square-style frame was a single casting with a central driver's seat under which the previous Timpo name was blanked out with just 'Made in England' remaining. It was always painted yellow. The unpainted roller was in fact two rollers together on a uniting axle. 


As with the Disc Harrow, which used the same frame, there was a green, dark-green or black driver with a black hat, and a brown or dark-brown or sometimes white horse with black trim.


There was probably no individual box for the Roller, it being sold unboxed from multi-model trade or 'counter' boxes. 

Benbros Qualitoys Horse-drawn Roller


YELLOW frame & shafts


GREEN or BLACK driver

BROWN or WHITE horse 

Nicholas Martin Diecast
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