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Benbros Zebra Toys

Trail Blazer Gun

In the Zebra Toys range, Benbros included two guns, the second of which was the Buntline 'Trail Blazer'. This is a rare toy and so information is limited, but because it was sold under the Zebra Toys label, it can be dated to the early 1960's.


The Trail Blazer was a cleanly cast working toy gun with a revolving chamber and loose 'bullets' with the additional ability to fire caps in a repeater mechanism. On each side above the trigger the name 'Buntline' was cast. The gun was coloured black with a cream stock which carried the motif of a cowboy's head and a lassoo.


The box had the usual Zebra Toys black & white stripe logo and there were colour pictures on both faces with a drawing of the gun. The orange sides and both end-flaps gave some description of the toy and the end-flaps also included the name of 'Benbros (London) Ltd'.


The Trail Blazer is a rare item and boxed examples are very rare.


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